Explore the Lytham – St Anne’s coastline-photos

Map from OpenStreetMap

Below is a Photo exploration of the coastline between St Anne’s and Lytham. Many buildings and scenes of historic interest can be observed on a simple walk. Photos by Geoff Whittaker.

It was originally intended to continue the promenade from Fairhaven to St Anne’s but this was never built. As a result the dunes survived. The cost of maintaining the seawall was considered to be too costly. Notably, Trams once ran along Clifton drive but were withdrawn in 1937.

Photo 1, Boat art

Someone has been having fun with a spray can. The Ribble Estuary can be seen in the background

Photo 2- more abandoned boats

Abandoned boats can make an interesting shot. Here a chilly and deserted promenade adds to the atmosphere.

Photo 3 – experiment with black and white

Use a black and white effect to add interest to old buildings, especially with a gloomy sky. This windmill was not the first in Lytham and it is still prone to storm damage. The sails being frequently broken off. The mechanism at the back automatically points the sails into the wind.

Photo 4 – Fairhaven Lake

Try a low angle to get any wildlife closer to the viewers eye line.

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